Valentine CoffeeCo.

We can do small sites with big returns. Also, we drink a lot of coffee and we like the good stuff.

So when they let us redesign their logo and build a new Shopify site to streamline their online coffee sales, we poured our hearts into it. Sorry for that. Now, online sales are steaming hot. Sorry again.

Valentine delivers 10lbs. to the studio, every 4 hours.

They are also Ryan's neighborhood coffee shop and he just wanted them to have a good website so they'd never leave.

They're passionate about the art of roasting and we like to work with people who think like we do.

We did a photoshoot at both locations. 

Next time you're in, ask Ryan to make you a latte.

He'll put a swan on it.

Ryan Janecek

Co-founded Northern Ground with Matt and Jay in '12. 

Leads Strategy work.

Client proxy inside Northern Ground. 

20-year biz dev career.

Competitive, on your behalf. Looks for ways to beat your competitors. 

He'll interview your teams and you'll be better for it.

Third generation small business owner. College dropout.

Pepto-Bismal (on the rocks) is his drink of choice.

Husband, dad, outdoor sauna addict.

Administrative Assistant to two Frenchies, Bear and Bernie.