Everyone loves touchscreen interfaces...

(Until there's a global pandemic.)

(And the warmth of human touch becomes like a toilet seat.)

Using a Leap motion controller with a Stratos haptic module -

Natural gestures control the screen and tactile, ultra-sonic feedback lets you literally feel buttons in mid-air.

Debuted at one of the largest Auto Shows in the world.

Now touring the country.

This large-scale, retail experience for Kia lets you jump in without ever getting your hands dirty.  

KIA's retail AOR and our partner is EWI .

Watch the demo:  

Sienna Bast

Senior Technical Architect.

Our back-end lead for complex dev projects. 

Codes in Node and best in REST. Can build any thing with anything.

Architecture, technical planning and platform selection.

Gets systems that are arguing to never go to bed angry.

Integrator and facilitator. 

Owns two big dogs that protect the couch from anything except thunderstorms.

House restorer. West siiide!