We designed and built an interactive experience for 800 Hyundai dealerships in North America. 800.

Watch Steph demo the project at a local dealership.

Hyundai's retail AOR and our partner is EWI .

EWI is an experience agency with a specialized dealership division.

20 cars, thousands of data points, lightweight and fast.

Fed by a custom back-end that we also built. We call it Harmony.

Hyundai can now update, distribute and manage content for dealer regions on-the-fly.

Custom analytics reporting.

A simple UI that supports the brand.

Relaunched in 2021.

Matthew Retzer

Tech Lead; co-founded Northern Ground with Ryan and Jay.

Matt builds our most complex systems.

Makes apps for fun. Breaks the internet. 

A husband and dad. Also the father figure to everyone in the studio, he started coding in 1980 and built like the 6th website ever.

Matt hides cookies in his cargo short pockets. Owns a dog that only eats panties.

Likes expensive scotch paired with oatmeal cream pies.

He has a size 14 shoe and a proficiency for math.

Loves showing off his server rack.