We designed and built an interactive experience for 800 Hyundai dealerships in North America. 800.

Watch Steph demo the project at a local dealership.

Hyundai's retail AOR and our partner is EWI.

EWI is an experience agency with a specialized dealership division.

20 cars, thousands of data points, lightweight and fast.

Fed by a custom back-end that we also built. We call it Harmony.

Hyundai can now update, distribute and manage content for dealer regions on-the-fly.

Custom analytics reporting.

A simple UI that supports the brand.

Matt Retzer

This is our tech leader; co-founded Northern Ground with Ryan and Jay.

Matt builds our most complex systems.

Makes apps for fun. Breaks the internet. 

A husband, dad, and father figure to everyone in the studio, he started coding in 1980 and built like the 6th website ever.

Matt hides cookies in his pockets.

Likes scotch = bedtime 8:30.

He has a size 14 shoe and a proficiency for math, loves Diet Coke–

And ol' blue eyes.