Renowned $2B financial advisory. 

Competitive RFP brought them to us for a new dual-platform app.

A ground-up rethink of their mobile customer and advisor experience.

Every feature you could think of, so we made a reel.

Mobile deposits and connected accounts. Money and transactions in large amounts. Extra speed where it really counts.

Dozens of APIs and services integrations. User flows in the billions. Whatever, it was a lot. 

We bolted onto their team. 

Co-development and paired programming. 

When the market is down, the app makes it all look better, even through tears.

Sienna Bast

Senior Technical Architect.

Our back-end lead for complex dev projects. 

Codes in Node and best in REST. Can build any thing with anything.

Architecture, technical planning and platform selection.

Gets systems that are arguing to never go to bed angry.

Integrator and facilitator. 

Owns two big dogs that protect the couch from anything except thunderstorms.

House restorer. West siiide!