Phoenix Home & Garden

The bible of affluent southwest living came to us for a new site.

Watch Ryan discuss the work.

Over 350k subscribers and succulent fans.

We timed the redesign with the launch of their new brand.

Right after, we were asked to redesign Phoenix Magazine on the same platform.

4,000 Wordpress pages.

Millions of site visitors per year.

1 happy client.

Ryan Janecek

Co-founded Northern Ground with Matt and Jay in '12. 

20-year biz dev career.

Wickedly competitive, on your behalf.

Ryan is the client proxy inside Northern Ground.

Manages client strategy and customer/partner relationships.

He'll interview your teams and you'll be better for it.

Third generation small business owner. College dropout. Self-made. 

Pepto-Bismal (rocks) is his drink of choice.

Husband, dad, outdoor sauna addict. Glamper.

Owns a tiny dog squadron comprised of Bear and Bernie.