Marmon Retail Solutions is a collective of integrated brands that work together to improve every aspect of the retail experience.

Our task was to help explain their story and the many, MANY, retail components they touch as concisely as possible. 

We started with some brand landing pages for their existing site, an interactive graphic to show Marmon’s solutions in context of the retail ecosystem, and an animated explainer video with a custom, easily animated, illustrative style.

Magic School Bus for retail solutions.

You can think of us next time you’re impulse buying candy at checkout. 

Grace Bernier

Art Director.

Grace went to MIAD and fights for good design. Animator and illustrator.

Brand designer.

Has done brand work for Google and a site with poodles. 

She likes to paint her nails while watching cute wildlife in her yard.

Appreciates an office cereal break.

She owns her own sparkly bowling ball. Craft Queen. Wins our Halloween costume contests. 

CFO: Chief Flavor Officer 

Birdie's Mom.