Froyo Wizard

Stoelting makes the finest froyo, custard and soft-serve machines (we'd know).

The products are complex to configure, with 266 possible options. 

Dealers needed more confidence.

We built an app with a configuration wizard to help, an ROI tool to prove the case, a user system and a CMS to allow full client control.

But Stoelting had no way to access their product data, so we built a custom API too.

And it's multilingüe.

See the app in action

About Us

Northern Ground is a digital studio with a dissatisfaction for the status quo.

10 years ago we set out to stay small and take on the most challenging projects. We offer advanced strategy, user-centered design and code dev, all with Midwestern work pride.

Our team builds systems that perform. We're design-focused but our core virtues are cross-industry adaptability and project agility. 

A lean, experienced shop producing results others can't - no gaps, no politicking, no junior people, no waste. All energy directed at a superior work product, in speedy fashion. Digital work can be fleeting - no time to waste!

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