American Manufacturing

Callenor has been making paper tubes, cores, and poles in the midwest for over 50 years. Big or small, all of their orders are custom and made to spec.

We have that in common. 

We made them a new logo and identity system rooted in their manufacturing heritage. 

Then we made them a bold new website with it. 

We love it when it works that way.

P.S. Dave if you're reading this, we'd like one of those sweet Callenor tiger t-shirts.

Grace Bernier

Art Director.

Grace went to MIAD and fights for good design. Animator and illustrator.

Brand designer.

Has done brand work for Google and a site with poodles. 

She likes to paint her nails while watching cute wildlife in her yard.

Appreciates an office cereal break.

She owns her own sparkly bowling ball. Craft Queen. Wins our Halloween costume contests. 

CFO: Chief Flavor Officer 

Birdie's Mom.