Barrett Lo

Barrett Lo Visionary Development builds 100-year buildings. 

They're a luxury developer in Milwaukee that takes chances and beats odds. Their work reshapes cityscapes.

We've been their digital AOR for years. Managed with Umbraco, our sites convert prospective tenants into long-term residents through photography, copywriting, code and design.

Barrett Lo has experienced substantial growth and success. 

They are about to change Milwaukee forever.

Visit The Couture (full site in development) 

About Us

Northern Ground is a digital studio with a dissatisfaction for the status quo.

10 years ago we set out to stay small and take on the most challenging projects. We offer advanced strategy, user-centered design and code dev, all with Midwestern work pride.

Our team builds systems that perform. We're design-focused but our core virtues are cross-industry adaptability and project agility. 

A lean, experienced shop producing results others can't - no gaps, no politicking, no junior people, no waste. All energy directed at a superior work product, in speedy fashion. Digital work can be fleeting - no time to waste!

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