Angelic Bakehouse

7-grain bread and a socially conscious brand? Man we're lucky. 

Angelic prioritizes sourcing the best ingredients for their products. 

They have the same level of care when it comes to their online customer experiences. 

Bread bods.

From web development and brand support to a full ecommerce platform migration, we've risen right along with them.

How will you Be Angelic today?

Also, it was unsurprisingly easy to get Todd to take this pic. 

Jenni Madson

Partner at Northern Ground.

Runs automation projects, manages our most advanced clients.

Makes web accessibility accessible. Leads our WCAG practice.

A wife and mom to three, she earned a 4 yr. degree in 3, because someone told her she couldn't. 

Data analysis for fun.

Loves sauerkraut with butter because she's classy, in a Sheboygan sort of way.


We used to say how many pets she owns but that number changes too often.