8-bit Gaming

San Jamar makes industrial and janitorial equipment. 

They had a big trade show coming up in 40 days and needed to attract visitors. 

Based on their products, we created three 8-bit games fondly recalling '80s arcades (some of us are old).

Knife protective gloves became Five Finger Fillet. Soap dispensers killed germ aliens. Their ice cart had to dodge drunks. 

Simple games on big touchscreens, so fun we were sad when they left our studio.

See them in action


Northern Ground is a digital studio with a deep dissatisfaction for the status quo.

Our clients would tell you, we're not a vendor, we're a partner.

We're design-focused but our primary virtue is cross-industry adaptability and agility.

We offer advanced strategy, design and code dev. We ask questions. We push.

In 2012 we set out to stay small while taking on the most challenging projects.

A lean, experienced shop produces speed and results others can't - no gaps, no politicking, no 20-person meetings.

A tight-knit group oriented for large brands on high-profile initiatives. We use what we do to solve complex business problems.

We stay close to the work. Design obsessives.

You'll get everything we've got.

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