Stella & Chewy's

Stella & Chewy's is an ultra-premium, full-spectrum pet food brand.

It's time we feed better for our pets to feel better.

They're committed to producing high quality food with responsibly sourced natural ingredients. 

Our dogs refuse to eat anything else; good thing they keep us stocked!

We were asked to help them grow through deeper audience profiles and more support for retailers.

Custom WordPress site, custom product selector, custom pet profiles, custom retailer portal, custom store finder, custom e-mail marketing and custom illustrations.

Custom everything. Woof!

Grace Bernier

Art Director.

Grace went to MIAD and fights for good design. Animator and illustrator.

Brand designer.

Has done brand work for Google and a site with poodles. 

She likes to paint her nails while watching cute wildlife in her yard.

Appreciates an office cereal break.

She owns her own sparkly bowling ball. Craft Queen. Wins our Halloween costume contests. 

CFO: Chief Flavor Officer 

Birdie's Mom.