Quarry is a digital incubator owned by Northern Ground employees. 

Stuff that turns us on, it's our skunk works for tricky tech, outside the constraints of client, brand and budget.

Our first project was 90 Second Poker .

Sometimes all you have is 90 seconds to play a game.

Our second project was Linkbutter .

It lets you open any link inside of an Instagram post. 

Like butter.

We have several projects in development and pick them up from time to time. We're just really busy.

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Northern Ground is a digital studio in Milwaukee, USA.

We're design-focused but our primary virtue is cross-industry adaptability and agility.

We offer advanced strategy, design and code dev. And since what we make needs content, we do that too.

In 2012 we set out to stay small while taking on the most challenging projects.

A lean, experienced shop produces speed and results others can't - no gaps, no politicking, no 20-person meetings.

A tight-knit group oriented for large brands on high-profile initiatives. We use what we do to solve complex business problems.

We stay close to the work. Designs obsessives.

You'll get everything we've got.

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