Niantic Labs

Makers of Pokémon GO  wanted a smarter Intranet.

Knowledge worker collaboration, smart content targeting, on-boarding, brand reinforcement.

Internal comms.

Enter LumApps

The only intranet recommended by Google for Google Workspace. Our 6th deployment.

Makes sense, Niantic began as a startup inside of Google.

Rapid UX, UI design and launch for their 1,000 team members. 

Later, we built one of the first custom LumApps widgets on their SDK, for Greenhouse

Currently using 8th Wall for our new AR projects.

Want to see it? You'll have to work there, which sounds great

Brandon Morreale

Partner - Design. 

Writes code. Makes design systems.

10-year employees, made Partner in 2024. Clutch.

Concert photographer. Storyteller.

Will challenge you to expect better design. He's worked for small agencies and big retailers. 

Talks fast, works fast.

Runner, and recovering beer snob. Taught college web design and heads digital for AIGA WI.

Ran 2047 miles in one year.

Busy Dad who somehow watches more movies than anyone.