GE HealthCare has been a strategic client for 10+ years.

Millions of their devices are in the wild.

They are smart and helpful, but they get lonely because they can't talk to each other.

What they needed was a place where they could find others like themselves.

Form groups, share, post status updates and really just communicate, you know? 

They said: "Build something that has never been built before."


AVURI is a secure, centralized platform for device management in the cloud.

We've spent the last few years developing the UX, designing the UI and building the front-end - and we're excited to be able to finally talk about it.

Social media for healthcare devices? Not yet.

But, Professional Biomeds now have a central hub to monitor and manage life saving devices.

No mo bio pro fomo.

Matthew Retzer

Tech Lead; co-founded Northern Ground with Ryan and Jay.

Matt builds our most complex systems.

Make sure to read his Tech Doc.

Makes apps for fun. 

Husband and dad. Started coding in '80. Built the 6th website ever.

Likes $$$ scotch paired with oatmeal cream pies.

He has a size 14 shoe and a proficiency for math.

Proud of his server rack.

Codename: Rat Mettzer