Global Intranet

A custom Intranet and Community platform with 400,000+ global users. 

When our friends at Onix called us to lead UX strategy, design and front-end code, we drove right over. Literally Jay and Ryan drove to Detroit in an FCA car, mostly because Ryan is afraid to fly.

FCA Group, a strategic Google client, selected LumApps as their intranet platform. Plays nice with GSuite.

Week-long global kickoff in Detroit with 100 attendees.

Led UX workshops and rapid prototyping. Trained on Community best practices.

Still made time for pizza at Buddy's.

Multi-region, multi-lingual. Condensed dozens of internal sites into one structured platform.

Called thehub.

A transformational project for a group of heritage brands.

And we've got friends in Brazil and Italy now! 

Jay Beckman

Creative Director; co-founded Northern Ground with Ryan and Matt.

Leads our design team and overall aesthetic. Jay will expand your brand.

Design lead for the most complex UIs.

Not eloquent but somehow maintains a huge vocabulary.

An animator and illustrator, he went to RISD film school and is a human IMDB.

Unmitigated addiction to camera gear.

A design obsessive who left an agency when they got pissed he worked too much.

Loved Flash.

Likes small dogs, brutalist architecture and monochromatic photography.

Jay is bae all day.