Our Work

We've built a wide body of work and diverse client roster. Why care? No bad habits—— we grow new muscles every day. You get to work with people that ramp fast and offer deep value that spans audiences and industries. Let's go!

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The Space

Gothic church, once a chocolate factory.

After restoration in 2020, we took the keys to start '21.

We bought a building because we're invested in Northern Ground long-term. It adds value and stability to our business and gives our team and clients a compelling space for co-creation.

Stats & Insignifica: 

—— Built in 1882.

—— 9,500 sq. ft., 5 bathrooms, full kitchen + 1,500 sq. ft. deck.

—— ADA accessible, just like our digital work.

—— Fiber, wifi everywhere, new heavy power.

—— 3 floors of workspace.

—— 2,500 sq. ft. production studio w/loading dock.

—— Secure touchless access.

—— Shit-ton of plants.

We're anxious for humans to visit when the world heals up. 

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