Quad (NYSE: QUAD) is a $5B global marketing solutions company.

In 2019 they rebranded and came to us for a new global site. 

We combined 3 sites into 1. An organizer's dream.

All new front and back.  Mucho Pardot.

WordPress Gutenberg for fast editing and a consistent brand.

They are reinventing their business while making print more relevant than ever.

As Quad's digital AOR since 2016, we've launched 5 websites and helped tell their story with a video series, white-papers and pitch decks. 

That story has been one of resiliency and now it's become a story of innovation.

Steph Acosta

Steph is our Project Management Director. 

Small and mighty. Not certified - just gets shit done.

Actually uses the phone. 

A pro at big hardware deployments, so we're easy.

Was a client before she worked here. Oops.

Has a twin. 

Loves her razor scooter.

Owns a pool. We hired her for her pool skills. 

'Sup Steph!