Branigan Communications is a strategic marketing firm. 

A colorful and cheery bunch, they communicate strongly for their clients. Their bread and butter is corporate PR and they're really good at it.

We designed a site that was just as direct. We wanted it to work like a pitch deck. Detailed case studies back up the boldness.

The site has reinvigorated their brand.

Other agencies hire us a lot. I guess they like our opinions on this stuff.

Jay Beckman

This is our Creative Director; co-founded Northern Ground with Ryan and Matt.

He leads our design team and aesthetic. 

Jay will expand your brand.

An animator and illustrator, he went to RISD film school and threatens to make movies all the time.

Jay is a design obsessive who left an agency that got pissed when he worked too much.

Loved Flash.

He cuts his own hair to save time for design.

Likes small dogs and brutalist architecture.

Jay is bae all day, okay?