Explore this half to see our work. 

Our portfolio is a little schizophrenic & we prefer it that way. Do we? No.


See our reel but here are some recent highlights...

GE Healthcare came to us for a cardiovascular machine UI. We built e-commerce for a fashion designer to the stars in Hong Kong, made interactive drone experiences for Intel in Best Buy, social media content for a national frozen pizza brand, built a crowdfunding platform for a bootstrapped beer startup, developed recipes for a craft gin company.

If you'd like to see if we fit, contact us 


What are you best at?

Custom digital projects with a balance of UX, strategy, design and code.


What sorts of clients have the most success with Northern Ground?

Clients that deeply understand their brand's purpose in the world. Client that are driven, attentive and passionate. Authentic people that value authentic marketing. Clients that are ready for bespoke design and advanced technology. Experienced marketers. Kind humans.


Do you only work on the web?

No. We are multi-platform. In addition to the web we've designed and built for mobile, OOH, IOT, custom apps, and fully embedded custom systems. 


Are you taking on new clients?

Yes! We enjoy being a project-based shop and are always discussing new work. Let's talk. 


You're small. Do you really have bandwidth?

We can likely output way more than you need. Think of our company as one integrated project team. We're built lean on purpose and it works.


What does your name mean?

Northern Ground means ambition with foundation; risk with pragmatism; adventure with practicality. Also, the url was open and Thunder Brothers sounded too aggressive.


What do you charge?

We step through a series of scope definers and then lock in a fixed bid project, in most cases. We're an experienced, advanced shop so pay is on par with performance.


No project managers, how does that work?

We have project people here but we've found that by working to remove middle-men, our clients get more value and stay closer to the people doing the work. Our team can create more impact. You'll work with everyone here at some point throughout your project.


Are you hiring?

At times. Please follow us on social to be the first to know. But we always enjoy hearing from passionate, like-minded people so drop us a note.