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We've built a wide body of work and diverse client roster. Why care? No bad habits—— we grow new muscles every day. You get to work with people that ramp fast and offer deep value that spans audiences and industries. Let's go!

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Q —— When were you founded?

A —— In 2012, Ryan Janecek, Jay Beckman and Matt Retzer started Northern Ground to offer customers an experienced digital shop oriented for complex work. They left a prior agency to stay close to the work. Some companies want to be big, we just want to be good.


Q —— What are you best at?

A ——  Large-scale digital projects with a balance of strategy, UX, design and code. 


Q —— What else do you do?

A —— We stay focused but we let our best clients twist our arms to do video shoots and food photography, even full full branding projects, in context of our digital work. When clients trust us with their brand and appreciate our design sensibilities, they often ask for more. If we can't help, we'll send you to people we trust.


Q —— What don't you do?

A ——  Ongoing SEO and PPC, media buys, hosting, and most traditional ad agency stuff, etc. But, we partner well and understand that large projects require close collaboration with AORs, PR firms, social shops, etc. We fold right in to your extended agency teams yet give you the specialization you deserve. 


Q —— What clients have the most success with Northern Ground?

A —— Those who deeply understand their brand's purpose in the world. Companies that are driven, attentive and passionate. Authentic people that value honest work. Clients that are ready for obsessive design and advanced technology. Digitally-minded product leaders. Experienced marketers that get the value of innovation and are willing to fail. Kind humans.


Q —— Do you only work on the web?

A —— We're multi-platform. We build for mobile, interactive retail, IoT, custom apps, and fully embedded hardware systems. If you can think it up, we probably have some code to start with. We build software for GE, interactive experiences for KIA and mobile apps for fintech companies.


Q —— Are you accepting new clients?

A —— Yes. We enjoy being a project-based shop and are continually starting new work. From global manufacturers and startups to services firms and national CPG brands, we can probably help you.


Q —— Do you really have bandwidth for my project?

A —— We can likely output way more than you need. Think of Northern Ground as one integrated 14-person project team. We're built lean on purpose and it works. Large companies know that small agile teams can move quickly without interference or baggage. No gaps, no filler, no speed bumps. 


Q —— Where did the name come from?

A —— Northern Ground means ambition with foundation; risk with pragmatism; adventure with practicality.


Q —— How do you charge?

A —— We step through a series of scope definers and then lock in a fixed bid project, in most cases. We're an experienced shop so pay is on par with performance. For most projects we can submit a high-level proposal within 24 hours.


Q —— Are you hiring?

A —— We always like connecting with good people. 

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