• Northern Ground Presents San Jamar "Touchscreen games for trade shows"

San Jamar Games

The Gist:

San Jamar is a leader in foodservice safety and sanitation products. You have used their products thousands of times; from soap dispensers to those little OCD bartender cubby things that keep all of your cocktail accoutrements lively. The challenge? Their AOR Anothologie asked us to make arcade-style games that will grab attention and get butts in the San Jamar booth for the upcoming NAFEM show, just weeks away.

Games? We like games. Yeah, games. Games! GAMES! But it's one thing to make a game and it's another to make them unique, product appropriate, competitive and fun - in 4 weeks. The bar is high, so why not lower it and kick it old school? We concepted 8-bit arcade games that would feel familiar. Speed and intuitiveness were key - lots of distractions (free stuff) at tradeshows. High scorers enter their show badge number for a chance to win Apple swag while low scorers are shamed on social media and run out of the booth with hisses and boos.  

Some projects aren't huge or life changing or even very serious, and we'e fine with that. Missile Commander signing off.

Timeline Games
4 Weeks 3


  • Multi-touch displays in 1080p, Panda.js (game framework), JavaScript, WebGL w/Canvas, TexturePacker, 
Google Analytics show us every touch and conversion goals show us achievement

What made it tricky (fun):

  • Building competitive gameplay
  • Rapid timeline
  • Scoring engine 
  • Mobile responsive
  • Transforming an established brand ID into 8-bit


Thank you for delivering such cool stuff under a tight deadline.

Jeff McClellan - President, Anthologie