Golden Goose Gourmet

The Gist:

Golden Goose Gourmet is Hong Kong's premier online purveyor of the best gourmet food and accompaniments from around the world. James Fortier, Founder, came to Northern Ground to not only develop the ecommerce platform but also the brand identity and even the name. We don't often do identity work but design is design and sometimes our arm can be twisted. 

Timeline Items
8 Weeks 500+


Magento Enterprise ecommerce, HTML5, CSS3, MailChimp, AsiaPay Payment Gateway

What made it tricky (fun):

  • Branding (research, name, logo development)
  • Full mobile responsive website and e-mail
  • English and Chinese
  • 14 hour time difference (works better than you think!)


I often recommend Northern Ground to others here in Hong Kong.

James Fortier - Founder