• Northern Ground Presents GE Healthcare "Mobile Hackathon Week"

GE Healthcare - Mobile Prototype Workshop

The Gist:

A Google Venture's style design sprint, run by a small team consisting of two strategists from Undercurrent, one subject matter expert and one designer, structured around iterative work cycles informed by real-time customer feedback. We emerged with an interactive production-ready prototype of a mobile experience, a demo video explaining it and a pitch deck justifying it. The strategy we brought forth was tangible and communicated exactly what our customer would be investing in, should they chose to move forward with it. Better yet, we had early positive customer feedback.

5 Days APP Prototype


  • Post-it notes
  • Brain cells
  • Smart people
  • Phones
  • Axure

What made it tricky (fun):

  • Lean/Agile UX
  • Real customer feedback
  • 1 room, all day, for a week
  • Close collaboration with a global marketing team


We went from an idea to a designed prototype in 5-days, all based on business insights and customer interviews.