Scope: 002

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Welcome to Scope, our new weekly collection of links from the Northern Ground team.

Each week we collaborate on a collection of things that we did, ate, watched, heard, read, learned or drank and present it for your enjoyment. Have feedback? Get in touch on Twitter at @brandonmorreale or @northernground.

Good City Brewing Co.
Ryan Janecek - Co-Founder, Strategy Leader

If you haven’t heard, this new brewery and taproom opens today on Farwell in Milwaukee’s East Side. We designed their new site but I am most proud of my friends David, Dan and Andy. Their IPA is called Risk; something they clearly aren’t averse to. In a town with a lot of talk and too little action at times, in just months these boys went from a press release to pouring exceptional beer in a space that had been abandoned for years. That alone is worth supporting but if you don’t care, the beer and the food won’t mind. We hope to see you there! Cheers!

Jenni Madson - Content Manager

I have a thing for weather apps. I have three on my phone currently, but I’m in love with my latest – Sunshine. I can tell it as many times as I’d like during a day how I "feel" with the weather and quickly over time, the app learns what the weather means to me. So my notifications in the morning are less "It’s 66 and party sunny" and more "You’ll feel cool in the morning, but will be comfortable by mid-afternoon. Bring a light sweatshirt!" Don’t mind me over here swooning at my desk, all comfortable in my light sweatshirt.

Mike Grunwald - Sr. Front-End Developer

"Infecting your screen for your enjoyment" is the tagline on latest site by creative agency Resn and it perfectly sums up the experience for me. This takes me back to everything I loved about the great Flash sites back in the day — Elegant transitions, innovative hover interactions, audio effects, etc.. The site loads fast, is responsive and the content is very accessible. A perfect balance in my opinion for any portfolio site looking to impress.

Muskie Fishing & Drone Tech
Tim Grove - Sr. Technical Architect

If you know me, then you know I love being on the water chasing muskies, and recently I finally got to fly a legit drone. After flying the drone and watching the live video stream and reading its "follow me" capabilities, I knew I had to get me one for upcoming trips. Ryan found this video and it was even more convincing that I must get one. The quality isn’t great and it’s a little hard to make out the musky, but still an awesome angle of musky fishing that you’ve never seen before. If you haven’t yet, search around on YouTube for drone videos for any of your outdoor hobbies; I promise you’ll enjoy them.

Lucky Peach: A Guide to India Pale Ales
Brandon Morreale - Art Director

I’ve always been fascinated by that little sliver of the Venn diagram where art, food and culture intersect. Lucky Peach, David Chang’s food quarterly, lives right in that little sliver, art directed by the talented Devin Washburn. This week I stumbled upon their guide to the India Pale Ale, a once simple beer style that has taken on a dozen different forms in the last decade. Accompanied by wonderfully clever, beautiful illustrations you’ll get the rundown on your Belgian IPAs and your Brett IPAs, or the differences between a northeast IPA and a Vermont IPA. And now that summer has seemingly arrived in Milwaukee (fingers crossed) we’ll surely partake in a few of these styles.

Gatorade: Never Lose the Love
Andi Woodward - Content Designer

I am a huge fan of sports commercials. I believe that some of the best work in advertising has come out of inspiration from athletes and their individual lives and work. TBWA\Chiat\Day out of Los Angeles has produced some great content for Gatorade over the years, and they just released a new spot called "Never Lose the Love" for the Olympics featuring Serena Williams, Usain Bolt, Paul George and April Ross being motivated by their younger selves as they train. A fun and light-hearted piece, it’s a great watch for anyone who’s had a long week as it reminds us to keep pushing towards those dreams our younger selves once dreamt.

What I Did When My Show Got Cancelled
Betty Allen - Content Producer

The rough seas of network Television have taken another, Fox’s "The Grinder" was cancelled after one season and one of its actresses (Natalie Morales, also known as "Lucy" from Parks and Rec) is not happy. She went on a snapchat rampage stitching together a story that follows her depression over the show’s cancellation that quickly escalates (she may or may not break into the studio lot). She posted the snap story for the non-snappers of the world to enjoy. Which I did. A lot.