Scope: 004

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Welcome to Scope, our weekly collection of links from the Northern Ground team.

Each week we collaborate on a collection of things that we did, ate, watched, heard, read, learned or drank and present it for your enjoyment. Have feedback? Get in touch on Twitter at @brandonmorreale or @northernground.

Slides from Cannes Lions 2016
Ryan Janecek - Co-Founder, Strategy Leader

As the person whose job it is to get out and tell our story in a compelling way, my tools of trade are my big mouth and Keynote. Hell, I use it (Keynote) for everything from work stuff like pitches, proposals, wires and bad graphics to more serious work stuff like putting co-workers heads on Dat Boi or using this picture of Jay in a sombrero every chance I get. When I’m able to peep slides from agencies around the world, the biz dev voyeur in me dims the lights and makes sweet love to some slide masters.

Taco Cat
Jenni Madson - Content Manager

Guys, guys, what's taco cat spelled backwards? ... TACO CAT. LOLTM. Also they are a fresh, new-to-me, kick-ass band out of Seattle. As a teen of the 90s, I have a special place in my heart for music out of the Emerald City. Give a looksee & listen to my favorite jam so far off their latest album. In even more exciting news; they are coming to the Cactus Club in late September! Tickets went on sale on Thursday and mine are secured. I’ll be the one in the middle of the room with a huge smile. See you there!

.Net Core 1.0
Tim Grove - Sr. Technical Architect

Drum roll... .Net Core 1.0 is publicly released now! A couple of weeks ago we included the RC2 release in the Scope: 001 post, but now 1.0 is publicly released. Here’s some info and links to get you started.

Making Of: ESPN Euro Cup 2016 Broadcast Package
Brandon Morreale - Art Director

I am the definition of a casual soccer fan. I'll watch it if it's on (but I don't have cable so that's rarely) but I'm not going out of my way to go full Green Street hooligan. I do however appreciate the design attention that ESPN pays to ESPNFC, and their Euro 2016 broadcast package, made by Imaginary Forces, is no exception. A beautiful analog package of imperfect paint strokes, pencil sketches and gold leaf that's immensely satisfying to watch unfurl. And for designers like me, Motionographer has put together this excellent interview with IF, walking through their process of hand creating these paint strokes and how their handcrafted vision translated to 3D.

House Beer
Andi Woodward - Content Designer

You’ve got to appreciate a brand that has some fun with their video work. Directed by Kevin Butler, House Beer’s video “This Is House Beer” is charmingly simple and honest in both verbiage and visuals. I imagine whoever the editor was had a lot of fun putting this piece together - and the pacing and color work is spot on. My glass is definitely raised to these guys; cheers!

The Olympics in VR
Betty Allen - Content Producer

Okay so I don’t have a Samsung phone or have a cable subscription but this still seems really cool. Sports seems like a natural place to invest in VR, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that in a couple of years I can put on a VR headset and be right next to Aaron Rodgers as he throws his millionth touchdown pass.

Bear Den Zoo and Petting Farm
Cassie Mrotek - Studio Manager

If you haven’t already checked out this petting zoo, you NEED to head out there, now, right now. (Or this weekend). An easy 40 min drive out of downtown and you will be in “the sticks”, as we city folk like to call it. You haven’t even walked in the little shelter to pay admission and there are baby kittens, chicks, and bunnies galore! That’s just the appetizer. Continuing on the path, you will run into, turkeys, porcupines, squirrels, groundhogs, alpaca, pigs, deer, lemurs, a black bear, and even goats that you can feed! They will take all your food from your feed bag, yes, they will nibble on your t-shirt, and yes, you will want to take one home.! You can tell that the staff have a connection with many of the animals there. They treat them all like their children and have great stories and facts to share. It felt absolutely incredible to take myself out of the city life and into the sticks to get closer to mother nature. I recommend you all do the same!