If Tab Can Survive – So Can Print

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I love how print feels. But space wise you can keep hundreds of books on a Kindle Fire vs. your living room bookshelf. Side note though: John Waters and I agree – if you go home with somebody and they don't have any books – head for the door.

The Internet is flooded (and awesomely so) with books, blogs, magazines and news. Digital media rocks for many-a-reason. It’s easier to store, more portable and accessible from anywhere on the planet on your phone, computer, tablet and coming soon your glasses.

I read my news and blogs online and I read my books on a Kindle, but I have a secret love affair with magazines, the real thing.

Full page glossy ads and articles. I love how it feels when you turn the pages, I love how it looks.  As a writer, I love how decisive it feels. Once it’s printed it can’t be changed. Sure it can be corrected in future issues but there is something about the finality of someone saying “this is okay to print” and not being able to log into a CMS and change it every few minutes that just gets me.

Our house has stacks of magazines; Time, Newsweek, Nat Geo for kids, 2600, Highlights, Lucky, Money, the list goes on. And now more than ever – magazines are cheap. Mostly because of the flailing industry to which some even say that print mags are dying. Though people have been saying Tab was going to fizzle out for decades and Coke’s first diet soda is still kicking it on grocery store shelves today– so I’m happily taking those naysayers with a grain of salt.

Recently Milwaukee Magazine did something cool and combined digital with print by making their October issue completely interactive. Grab a copy of the mag and download QuadGraphics Actable app from the market and you can interact with every single page of the magazine. 

They have extra photo galleries, audio, video, data, giveaways and other interactive elements throughout the issue. It’s also their Best of 2012 issue – so you can get your digital and analog fix on while discovering things like Flavorcycle and MKE’s best cupcake shop (congrats Miss Julia’s!).

Check it out and get a dose of what the 414 is up to while helping to keep print alive! The End