Authentic Content Marketing

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When I [am forced to] watch a traditional corporate marketing video, ion rays fly out of the screen and penetrate my soul stealing my dreams and replacing them with feelings of regret and shame, like when I reach that weird part of YouTube.

I'll get right to it. One, we built the new website for About Face Media and two, and more importantly, if you are a brand that cares about storytelling and differentiation, you should get to know them.

We aren't a content development company. Of course we spend considerable time understanding a client's current content strategy for all of their audiences, brands and platforms and sometimes we help them plan a new strategy but we don't necessarily develop the content. About Face does, and in one of the most approachable, authentic ways.

About Face uses a national (and sometimes global) team of award-winning, independent documentary film makers to make videos for brands and then optimize them for viewing on the social web.

It works. I've seen it. You probably need it. Trust me.

Now, there are lots of video production studios that do great work. There are just as many that wagonjacked (oh yes I did) the documentry style bandwagon and claim to be 'storytellers'. However there are far fewer that have an award winning documentary film background and are immersed in this and only this all day, like About Face.

They are specialized and it shows in their work. Good shops need to stick together and we can think of few better to attach our name to than About Face.

Like us, a small percentage of their work is with Milwaukee clients but that isn't to say they aren't committed to developing the creative community here. If you have been attending the Milwaukee Film festival over the past 10 days, no doubt  you've seen their logo in the sponsor trailer and heard the name of About Face's CEO, Barry Poltermann dropped a few dozen times. Their roots are in independent film and they have a vested interest in fostering emerging talent in the industry.

I recently asked Barry about his experience with our site build. "Northern Ground is smart and nimble - the right combination in a world that moves this fast. Aside from what the do best, they understand the value of marketing to social channels with good content. They earn real trust with clients so when they recommend About Face, their customers take that seriously. That's far too rare."

I've had the pleasure of partnering with About Face on several client projects and the results have always been exceptional. I recommend them without hesitation.

To help them tell their story, we built their new website on Umbraco's CMS platform allowing the AF team to control content and site optimization on their terms. The site layout and architecture was somewhat predetermined but Jay took it the rest of the way through smart choices in usability, typefaces and color treatments. Overall, he made a conscious effort to get out of the way and let their video content tell their story.

Watch for future client announcements with About Face and the launch of a new video collaboration platform we are currently designing together. The End